BBC Focus, Part 2

Before going to Focus, I finally sat down and asked myself the question of what I want to get out of it. I’d kind of been avoiding that question, as pure curiosity didn’t seem to be the best answer.
Originally, I found the uni magazine project so interesting partly because  magazines were a format I’d always written off, for no real reason- spending time actually developing one meant I appreciated what they could do. So I’m interested in exploring them more, to find out if they’re an area of communication I could spend more time with.

Also, as so much of situation around the uni magazine felt like luck, and what I had done felt completely like beginner’s luck, I wanted to try out this opportunity to see if I actually had any ability or whether it was a lucky situation… again, not an explanation I’ll give anyone in real life!.

Another aspect was to get a better look at digital publishing- based on my existing interests, it’s a skill I’ll need to understand, and I currently don’t have much experience with it. Our magazine was solely intended for print and as good as it was, I can see parts where digital integration could have made it even better.


So, what I wanted to get out of this week was:
  1. Experience working to a brief/under instructions.
  2. Experience working on a collaborative project.
  3. Better understanding of the processes that go into creating a publication (while we did that to some extent on the uni project, it was on a much smaller scale and was also mostly remote/through Facebook).
  4. Figuring out what is needed to create digital things as a main job (and whether I’d be able to do it in the future).
  5. Finding out whether I have it in me to do more of this (although that’s more of a question for myself, not for the job.)

For point 1, I definitely got that experience. Point 2, less so- while the overall magazine was collaborative, my assignments were for me to do myself and then seek approval, rather than to do collaboratively. Point 3 was also a solid yes, just listening to the conversations and meetings around me during the week helped me understand the work involved.

Points 4 and 5 were the messier ones and the ones I wasn’t sure if I could get answered.
For point 4, I’m a little more sure than I was before going into Focus- I know that I can at least do some of the tasks involved to some degree of accuracy. That’s much better than the worst-case-scenarios I had imagined before the week.
For point 5, I came out of that week wanting to know more and learn more about digital publishing- I know it’s something that I want to explore more as an interest. Any further than that, I’m still clueless, but the week was definitely valuable for setting another idea in place.

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