Beach Break Science


Module: Writing Science
Group Task: to produce a 16-page magazine which communicated science to a non-specialist audience.
Mark: 81%

We chose to create a magazine accompanying the yearly Boardmasters surf festival. The scope of Boardmasters allowed us to write articles which covered a wide range of topics and multiple branches of science; this included marine science in beach cleaning, psychology in music, and environmental science through surfboards. We were also able to obtain detailed attendance demographics from the Boardmasters website, meaning we could confidently target our articles to the interests of a Boardmasters audience.

Although all group roles were shared to some extent, my main role was in design; in this case, a focus on structure, layout, and signposting. Taking on this role meant I became more familiar with using InDesign to create and organise documents. I also learned more about how editing and design priorities work with, or sometimes clash with, each other when creating an article.

This project was one of the best group projects, and uni projects in general, that I’ve ever been part of. I really enjoyed the way that our own skills and interests in the topics we had available came together into an magazine that contained varied articles but still worked together as one issue.

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