Bristol Science Film Festival Trailer


Task– to produce a video for the Bristol branch of the British Science Association, promoting the Bristol Science Film Festival (BSFF).
Result– the video was used to promote the 2017 BSFF through being played on The Crunch, a news and entertainment show on Made In Bristol TV. (Visible from 12:27 here).

The organiser of the 2017 BSFF and I worked together to make the video; he proposed the initial concept and suggested clips to include, and I developed the video from there.

I didn’t know the video would be televised until after I shared it with the BSA, so wasn’t expecting so many people to see it. (Viewership stats for Made in Bristol show that they receive 17,000 average daily views, so a few thousand people potentially saw my video.) That was both a welcome surprise and a good example of the often-odd trajectory of volunteering roles- I can’t see any other situation where that could have happened beyond volunteering.

In terms of creating the video, I’m pretty happy with it.
Recently I’ve only really been making videos for my friend’s gaming channel: in that context, 90% of my attention goes to how clips fit together visually as visual impression is the main point. The trailer required me to put equal attention on audio and video, and to take the audio and video elements of clips into account to keep the trailer engaging without adding any confusing elements.

While I finished the video in November, it wasn’t needed until March. During this gap, I lost the original project files. This made revisiting the video annoying; I could see a mistake I’d left in as well as improvements I could have made, but nothing could be edited without the original files. My lesson here is that even one backup might not be enough- I should have kept the files in multiple places.



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