Media Release | A race against time for endangered Caribbean turtles.


Module: Writing Science
Task: To produce a science writing portfolio consisting of a media release, an opinion piece, and a news feature.
Mark: 67% overall.

After hearing some facts about the sex imbalance in sea creatures, I chose to use the topic for my media release because it was very different from my other portfolio topics (self-driving cars and health screenings), which would hopefully demonstrate that I could write about a wide range of topics in science.

Of the three portfolio elements, the media release was the most familar and straightforward to write, as I find writing in the required concise and factual way quite easy. The main issue I found was in balancing the “big picture” story of how climate change is affecting entire ocean ecosystems with the smaller details of how temperature changes affect specific turtle species.

Overall, I recived good feedback for the media release. However, I misinterpreted what the maximum length of the media release should have been, and so made mine too short.  This meant that I could have produced a more detailed piece with more information and context.


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