Audience Participation Required…

Instead of a normal blog post, this is a vote post.

While researching my intended next post, I ended up going in lots of directions at once, and now don’t know which to follow, so I thought I’d ask the people who are hopefully going to read it, and see which you would be intetested in.

Anyhow, here are your three current options, although other suggestions are always welcome.

1) A history of famous psychologists series
2) A cognitive bias series (cognitive biases are errors in the way we percieve/interpret the world, and things that happen to us)
3) A crash-course in psychological approaches.

Happy voting!

4 thoughts on “Audience Participation Required…

  1. I'll go for 4) Whatever you deem to be the most interesting. :P

    Failing that, I'd say 1, if only because I already have a basic knowledge of 2 and 3. :)


  2. 2 please! :)
    (also, I think it's possible to have an actual poll gadget if you go into the gadget menu. Obviously it's a bit late now, but if you try another voting thing, you can keep that in mind. :L)


  3. I've got a possible suggestion, not for this next blog but maybe a future one!I came across this video whilst randomly searching today; in which the video creator discusses potential problems with Psychology. Having had to study this to some degree during A Levels, I have my own views on arguments such as these and if you're interested in the idea, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this kinda thing?Have a good week! :)


  4. I'll go #4. I have counselling theory, buy 'nul point' on the psychology that influences such practice. Teach away!


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