It’s blog-voting time again :)

I’ve now finished the series of histories on some of the most famous psychologists, although it only scratched the surface of just how many influential psychologists there have been over the years. The only problem now is, I don’t know what to write about next. So, it’s over to you guys- what would you like to see next? 
Option A- could be that you ask (either by comments, formspring, email etc) questions about psychology in general or specific parts, and I attempt to answer them?
Option B- I could write about some of the “unsung heroes” of psychology, the people that have done loads of studies and found interesting things about people, but for some reason have never been that well known.
Option C- something else entirely, so if you have any ideas, feel free to tell me them! =)

7 thoughts on “It’s blog-voting time again :)

  1. Hmm… As I said in our conversation the other day, I'd lean towards option C, specifically attempting to cover the parts where Psychology and Philosophy meet. I remember a few entries ago you said you'd come back to it at some point so that could be a good move.Otherwise, I'll go with option B. :)Great work on the series. :D


  2. Thanks Danny :)The psychology-philosophy option does sound good, but bear in mind I know pretty much nothing about philosophy :P Glad you liked the series, which of the areas/people were most interesting for you?


  3. I thought half the idea of blogging was either digging in on existing knowledge or learning new stuff? Or were your blogs on the subject when you did get around to it, would it be a case of Did Not Do The Research? :PI mostly like the behaviourists just because they do the more entertaining experiments, but there were a few here and there that I liked too. :)


  4. I did do the research, but with psychology I had the advantage of being familiar with it already, with philosophy I don't.I'd say social psychologists had the most interesting experiments, its just that most of them are illegal now :pThanks Sam, if I do go for A, what would your first question be?


  5. The didn't do the research thing was a trope joke I wrongly assumed you'd get… :LOh yeah, for some reason I thought they and behaviourists were the same. Stupid tiredness. XD The illegal ones were the most interesting ones, the legal ones… Not as much but still so. :L


  6. I know it's been months (My bad), I would love to have 'B'.

    As a counselling graduate, how about Melanie Klien, Gerard Egan, Erik Erikson, and Eric Berne?


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