I am a (published) scientist!

You may remember I said I had good news? Well, here it is:

Last year, I helped out with a research study (details here) for my placement module. Once the study was finished, the head of it said that he would be writing it up and hopefully submitting it to a professional body this year. We hadn’t heard anything about it for a while, so I’d almost forgotten about this, assuming it may not have been accepted.

However, I got an email on Tuesday saying that the paper has been submitted to the British Journal of Educational Technology, and that I and the two other students who helped research it are all being listed as co-authors.

The first thing I said after reading that was “Does this mean I can call myself a scientist yet?”.

Joking aside, this is really good news, and I’m excited even though it won’t be ready for another few months yet. I’m not quite sure how often undergraduates get to be part of published research, but I don’t think its very common unless you’re either very skilled, or very lucky (like I was). Either way, its both something that may come in useful, and something I’ve had a lot of fun doing.

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