Writing Science, Block 3

We’re already in the final block of another module- this year is going so quickly.
I’m kind of disappointed that Writing Science is over so quickly, as it’s been my favourite module and I’m enjoying working with everyone.

It certainly went out with style though.

Thursday started with us all getting our magazines back, and being able to see each other’s for the first time. Seeing what everyone else had developed was a good experience, especially the differences in style and audience. I found this one incredible- if it was a published magazine in a shop, I would have bought it.

We had already got our marks and feedback, so I already knew that we’d done well. But I was surprised by what happened next. Our lecturer opened with¬†¬†“I’m going to embarrass somebody now”, then was really complimentary about our magazine, saying that he’d worked on professional magazines that weren’t as good. According to him, I have a talent for design.

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