Writing Science, Block 3

We’re already in the final block of another module- this year is going so quickly.
I’m kind of disappointed that Writing Science is over so quickly, as it’s been my favourite module and I’m enjoying working with everyone.

It certainly went out with style though.

Thursday started with us all getting our magazines back, and being able to see each other’s for the first time. Seeing what everyone else had developed was a good experience, especially the differences in style and audience. I found this one incredible- if it was a published magazine in a shop, I would have bought it.

We had already got our marks and feedback, so I already knew that we’d done well. But I was surprised by what happened next. Our lecturer opened with  “I’m going to embarrass somebody now”, then was really complimentary about our magazine, saying that he’d worked on professional magazines that weren’t as good. According to him, I have a talent for design.

I figured it was probably beginner’s luck, but the even better (and scary) part is that I may have the opportunity to find out. He said I may be able to go to the magazine he used to edit and spend some time in their art and design part. So he’s going to talk to the current editor and find out.

So, that was unexpected!

We also had a talk from the founder of IFL Science, a site that I’d never really paid much attention to before. But hearing about its history and the way it works made me look more at what they post.

Friday was mostly spent in the library, with a group of us doing exam revision until about 10:30pm.  I’ve never really group revision before, but I actually found it really useful. While I probably didn’t get as much done as I optimally could have, having people around me doing the same thing and sharing ideas, meant I could stop  getting distracted by being anxious and could actually learn.

On to Saturday- and our exam.
Most of us were worried about the exam because it was hard to predict what kind of questions we would get- we could have potentially skipped over everything we needed in favour of a topic we wouldn’t need at all. Also, being told that looking the subject up on Twitter was actually an important revision method was unusual but also very interesting.

However, I found the questions weren’t too bad. Having a question on blogging for the second half made that quite easy.For the first half, I’m less confident- my answer sort of sat awkwardly between both choices of question, so I’m probably going to lose marks for not answering very clearly.

After the exam, we had a lesson of sorts on writing opinion pieces for our portfolios, then spent the afternoon in the pub talking about pretty much anything. A good end to a very good module.

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