Dissertation Update- April

The biggest news this month is that I’m almost finished ! After not really having any contact with my supervisor since December, I got an email a few weeks ago asking me to check in with her and say when my finished draft would be handed in… cue panic.

However, I got my first draft finished yesterday, and emailed it to my supervisor straight away…just as well, given that my laptop packed up and stopped working a few hours later.

In all the laptop-repairing drama, I almost missed getting my supervisors response.

But I’m glad to say that she liked it, and especially happy that she thought my writing was good. The only issues were in how the different parts of the introduction didn’t quite fit together (my last-minute rearranging of the introduction obviously didn’t go to plan), and that I mixed up some things like using a term in the paragraph before I defined the term. So hopefully the editing process to make it better won’t take too long. Also, she gave me the good news that some of my correlations were more significant than I thought, which means I got more interesting findings… That can only be a good thing.

So, with two weeks to go until the deadline, I’m surprisingly on track. Things are looking up :P

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