Dissertation Update- April Pt. 2

I’ve finished! :P 8713 words, 46 pages, and a 16-hour session in the library last night/ this morning later, everything is submitted and complete.

I normally like writing essays, but by the end of yesterday I was so glad to be done- trying to judge exactly what I should keep in, what should be taken out, and what was needed for good marks was pretty difficult. The most difficult part was getting started with the press release, as including a press release was a new criteria for our year, so no-one was really clear exactly how to write it or what was needed. Once I’d actually managed to get it started, momentum took over which meant I got it finished in about an hour.

Now just to hope it was the right kind of style- as it was the first non-academic-styled piece of work we’ve been assigned, it was hard to tell whether I’d been appropriately non-academic, or gone too far the other and made it too simplistic. Having said that, it was quite fun apart from the uncertainty, and its the kind of skill I’ll definitely need for the Master’s course I want to do, so doing a few more of those would be very useful.

Finishing the dissertation means I have three exams left next month, then that’s it for being an undergraduate- that seems like it has gone by way too quickly. It almost feels like this was my first year instead of my third, and I know I’m going to miss the uni atmosphere that I only managed to really find this year. It’s a weird feeling which I don’t know quite how to put into words yet.

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